What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry (also known as biological dentistry, integrative dentistry, biocompatible dentistry, or biomimetic dentistry) considers patients’ oral health in the scheme of their entire physical, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual health.

There is no set standard for practicing holistic dentistry, but most holistic dentists use a variety of healing practices along with traditional dentistry. For example, if you need a cavity filled, from the holistic dentist’s viewpoint, it’s not enough to simply fill the cavity and send you on your way. A holistic dentist will take into account the biocompatibility of the material used as well as lifestyle that may have led to the formation of the cavity in the first place. Depending on the medical history and other needs, the dentist will customize treatment so that the materials used do not adversely affect the body, and then discuss nutrition, diet and home care, so that cavities can be avoided in the future.

The same thing goes for gum disease. Holistic dentists will spend more time educating patients about the health of their gums and give ways to properly take care of their teeth. Not only will there be a visual examination, but a plaque sample is taken and oral bacteria is looked at under a microscope. Depending on the type of bacteria observed via microscope and other findings, a specialized treatment plan will be given based on a comprehensive examination. Confirming with a microscope (before and after cleanings) is an extra step that will ensure your gums are and will stay healthy.

Things we do differently than traditional offices:

  • Gum disease prevention and treatment without surgery.
  • A microscope slide of plaque and pH sample of saliva to comprehensively examine the mouth.
  • Ozone – used in gas or water form for many procedures as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic agent.
  • We use materials that are free of metals, BPA, fluoride, SLS and other potential allergens.
  • Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing.
  • Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique by our SMART Certified and IAOMT Accredited dentists.
  • Biocompatibility testing to ensure safe materials are used for sensitive patients.
  • Testing on root canal teeth to detect type of bacteria and investigate tooth.
  • Electrical current conductivity test (Pertec) to see if existing metal in the mouth is affecting overall health.
  • Extract teeth and clean out infections with ozone, remove ligament and prevent cavitations or jaw bone infection.
  • PRF – Platelet Rich Fibrin – a patient’s blood taken, centrifuged, and placed into a surgical site to speed up healing and builds healthy tissue and bone.
  • Tooth replacement options including a Carlson bridge, winged pontic.
  • Sleep Tests – to rule out sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea.
  • Sleep Apnea treatments.
  • Zirconia and Titanium implants, depending on the body’s needs.
  • Tongue Tie Releases (Frenectomy) for infants, children, and adults.
  • Biomimetic dentistry – the philosophy of preserving healthy tooth structure and restoring natural function, biomechanics, and esthetics.
  • Aromatherapy during treatment.
  • Homeopathy during or after treatment.
  • TMJ pain treatment.
  • Airway orthodontics and expansion for all ages to breathe, sleep and chew better.
  • Nutritional Counseling.
  • Natural oral care products and recommendations.

Our Holistic Principles

  • Prevention and reversal of dental diseases with proper nutrition, products and home care.
  • When weighing options, we choose the outcome that does more good than harm to the body.
  •  Every body is unique, so we need to account for medical history, family history, sensitivities, and other factors to determine the best course of treatment for an individual.
  • Metal fillings can contain potentially irritating and toxic materials. We try to avoid placing metal inside the body.

Holistic dentistry is not a new phenomenon. It’s not revolutionary, but rather evolutionary. The Holistic Dental Association was founded in 1978, but various advocacy groups existed long before that. The Holistic Dental Association was formed by dedicated dentists who were concerned that the dental school curriculum was too narrow. It is now a forum to develop and share progressive healing dental therapies.  Holistic Dentistry tab.

Because we’re one of the few holistic dentists in the area, we have patients from not just Lakeview and Wrigleyville, but the suburbs, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and the greater Chicagoland Area.

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