Alternatives to Tik-Tok, YouTube and Video Games

With TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and all sorts of video games at our fingertips kids these days are finding it harder to focus on homework and/or E-learning.

Did you know there are platforms that provide educational interaction and can thus keep your child’s focus on studying?

1-BEANSTALK: It provides classes and videos aimed to pull kids “out of the screen to do real-world physical activities” such as science experiments, building projects, and more. Experienced teachers provide engaging lessons and learning tools and many are free.

2- EDUHAM: A free digital program for students and their families which provides history lessons on the Founding Era of the United States. It also brings art into the mix showing how to create performance pieces based on primary source documents, which can then be shared in the app. The program is geared toward students in sixth through 12th grade but fun for all ages.

3-FIVEABLE: Free resource, directed towards high school aged kids, that houses thousands of livestreams, study guides, trivia games and other resources for 15 AP subjects. Started by a former teacher, Fiveable is

passionate about giving students the resources they’ll need to be successful now and into the future.

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