Bees are our Friends

Given the wide range of potential risks associated with cell phones, research has been done in an effort to find natural substances that are capable of helping with cell-phone associated toxicities.

Surprisingly, the little known bee product known as propolis exhibits powerful protective action against cell phone induced damage  to a variety of organs, including the kidney, heart and brain.

Propolis is now understood to have powerful protective properties, such as its antimicrobial activity. But infection-fighting properties is just one its potential beneficial effects. 15 different studies have shown it has the ability to reduce radiation-induced damage, including gamma radiation commonly associated with medical diagnostic and radiotherapy procedures.

Along with Propolis other substances capable of protecting against the radiation specific to the mobile phone range include melatonin, EGCG (green tea polyphenol), ginkgo biloba and the glutathione precursor NAC.

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