Diatomaceous Earth in Dentistry and throughout the Body

Diatomaceous Earth… Did you know?

DE is a compound almost entirely made of Silica (a hard, non-reactive, colorless compound most commonly found in nature as Quartz). It is gently abrasive similar to pumice powder and highly absorbent.


Can I add Diatomaceous Earth to my toothpaste?

There are now several all natural products on the market that have added Diatomaceous Earth to enhance effectiveness and to whiten teeth. It helps remove plaque and calculus (tarter), and will help prevent or improve the condition of periodontitis (gum disease) and gingivitis (gum inflammation). And the best part is that it is safe for both children and adults (as with all supplements, double check with your doctor first!).


How else can DE benefit me?

Silica in DE is a primary ingredient in many of the overpriced hair supplements.  Did you know… DE has been noted to be effective for thinning hair, healthier and smoother skin, and even good for brittle nails. Internal benefits have been noted to help create regular bowel movements and can even detoxify your digestive system.  Results may vary, of course.


Diatomaceous Earth was discovered in 1836 in Germany and still today we have been finding new ways to use it. If you find this topic interesting, there are many resources out their explaining ways you can utilize this to benefit your wellbeing. Other ways to whiten teeth include activated charcoal – try our Magic Mud toothpaste or powder.  We’re here as your holistic, biological resource near you, to help you in your journey in health and dentistry. Hope to see you soon

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