Infertility: 3 ways to improve chances of conception

It can be strange to hear this coming from a dentist’s perspective.  But follow my logic, look at the data, do some of your own research, and read on…

More and more women having difficulties conceiving. We are living in an age where women are thinking about starting families later and later in their lives. Many commonly heard reasons of infertility include: extended use of birth control, advanced age, a hormone imbalance, stress, etc. What many disregard is total body toxicity. We breathe, eat, and live among toxic substances every day. Our body is a wonderful machine that is able to filter and detoxify. There are many sources of toxicity in our lives, many are hard to control.

What is a large source of toxicity that you CAN control?

Your mouth!

  • Your gums have a pocket that encircles every tooth. Dentists measure that entrance and record these measurements to check for bone loss and bacterial load. If there is a build-up of dangerous types of bacteria in your gums, they bleed, and you have periodontal disease, your body will have consequences.
    1. Pre-term birth
    2. Low birth weight baby

If your body knows the baby will be in trouble, It may avoid conception entirely. At least 1 teeth cleaning and checkup appointment is essential prior to conception, and 1 is highly recommended during pregnancy.

  • Heavy metal load in your mouth.
    1. If mercury levels (blood/hair/urine) are tested and are high, consider looking at sources inside the mouth. Amalgam-silver fillings are composed of ~50% mercury and can cause a buildup of mercury levels in the body.
    2. They say eating fish while pregnant should be avoided due to high mercury levels. So the same should be true for women trying to conceive. Your body may not be ready to accept a baby with a higher toxic load.
    3. Some bodies are sensitive and don’t like nickel, aluminum, titanium, and other metals. These materials are commonly used in dentistry. If you are concerned, have a biological/holistic dentist or an allergist evaluate the safety of these materials for your body.
  • The inner stress we create for ourselves contributes to your total toxic load.

The perfect example is the story so commonly heard and seen. A family was trying to have a child for many years and “couldn’t”. They decided to adopt. As soon as they did, she got pregnant. Relax and know that things will happen the way you want it.

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