Innovated Technology for Gum Disease

Treatment of periodontal disease presents many challenges, but effective homecare no longer needs to be one of them. Toothbrushes, rinses, and floss aren’t suffice when struggling with the disease, reason bieng that these tools cannot reach down deep into the pockets that form. Now there is an additional, more effective option that helps restore and maintain gum health called Perio Protect.  It’s scientifically proven to place medication deep into periodontal pockets by wearing custom fabricated trays with an internal peripheral sealing system that corresponds to pocket probing depths. The seal prevents the medication from leaking and directs it deep into pockets so it can fight subgingival infections.
At Wrigleyville Dental we strive to stay on top of the safest and most effective options for our patient’s overal health, and now offer Perio Protect Trays for our patients. The trays are comfortable, practical and effective and our patients, that are already using them, love it.

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