All throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned to seek guidance outside of ourselves. At home, our parents took care of us for many years. At school, the teacher was our guide and always “right”, even if we held an opposing viewpoint.  With friends sometimes being the cool kid meant we had to hide our talents, tastes and interests just to “fit in”.  Making decisions for the sake of pleasing others, to fit in, or to improve our images in the eyes of others has misguided our motivation that can lead us astray from our internal GPS. When we act out of alignment more discomfort may come to the surface as our GPS tries to remind us to think our decision through a little better.

By practicing simple meditation techniques we can get back in tune with our internal GPS and strengthen/restore faith within ourselves:

Meditate at least 10-12 minutes every day continuously asking yourself for clarity (as many times as you feel you need to). Next, shift into a receptive state of mind and lastly, trust whatever decision feels right and see where it leads. 

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