Mental Health Through Gardening

Do you want to improve your mental health? Why not get outside and dig in the earth? Gardening has significant benefits that extend beyond temporarily taking your mind off your troubles — although that is a definite plus.  Gardening can contribute to our mental health as it allows us to connect with the natural world and gets us outdoors allowing the body to produce natural stores of vitamin D.  

Maybe you hesitate because you don’t know what to do… Well have no fear because it doesn’t matter if you dwell in a tiny urban apartment or have an entire back 40 to hoe, it can be for you! Tomatoes, peas and squash are a great way to start and they grow well in containers,which works great for smaller spaces. Instead of buying baby plants consider saving the seeds from the produce you buy, dry them out and spout them on a windowsill. Egg cartons work well for this purpose, and you can transfer them when they mature. Remember, there are many, many resources on-line to assist with your gardening project so go ahead- give it a try.

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