Oral Galvinism

Having mixed metals in the mouth can be harmful for our bodies in many ways and one possibility that is not often discussed or heard of is Oral Galvanism.  Oral galvanism is a term used for the association of oral or systemic symptoms brought on by the currents (volts) that occur when we have several metal treated teeth. Even if you can’t feel it, oral galvanism can still affect your health.  After all, your nervous system runs on electrochemical energy and having extra currents running in your mouth can interfere with these disrupting energy flow and the healthy function of other organs. Oral galvanism can cause or contribute to ailments such as epilepsy, hearing loss, eye problems, insomnia, psychological problems, vertigo, loss of concentration, tinnitus, pathological changes in blood, kidney or other organs, inflammation and reflex neurological pain. 

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