Straight Teeth Without Braces. Myobrace: The Alternative To Braces

We’re used to the same old pattern: Kids learn that their smile is just too crowded so, the only option is a combination of braces and extractions. After months to years of spacers, braces, and all sorts of appliances, they then have a lifetime of retainers to look forward to. But if they stop wearing their retainers, slowly but surely their crooked smile will come back once more and many end up back where they started, with another round of braces to look forward to.

It’s easy to think that crooked teeth are simply the result of “bad genetics,” but the truth is actually surprisingly simple–crooked, overcrowded teeth are the product of bad habits! Just like work ethic, organization, and responsibility, great teeth are an educational affair. As we grow, bad oral habits, called myofunctional habits, help our teeth become crooked and crowded. Mouth breathing, thumb sucking, and incorrect swallowing all contribute to the overcrowding and misalignment of teeth which then paves the way for later hygienic problems.

Braces, the most commonly used fix, only take care of the surface problem. While they forcibly straighten and space the teeth, they cannot address the underlying cause of crooked teeth. Without this correction, no amount of straightening can possibly fix the root of the problem. Once the braces are off, it’s up to a lifetime of responsible retainer wear which very few former brace faces can attest to!
Luckily, there is another option. One which uproots the habits at the heart of crooked teeth–Myobrace. The Myobrace system uses a series of ‘braces’ that are worn for about an hour to two hours during the day and while sleeping to correct tooth and facial alignment. With additional myofunctional exercises, your muscles and bones are retrained to support healthy tooth alignment, and once treatment is completed, no retainers are needed! Even better, the treatment time is often as long as or shorter than conventional braces.

While the Myobrace is most effective when used on young children, the system is also effective for adults. Embrace healthy habits and a beautiful smile with the Myobrace and say goodbye to braces for good!

Myobrace alternative to braces


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