What are the health benefits of alkaline foods?

When it comes to looking and feeling good, keeping your body alkaline is a good first step. “But, wait,” you might say, “what does food have to do with my body’s acid waste?” As it turns out, a whole lot! All foods are either acid or alkaline forming in the body. Now, before you go sucking on pH sticks, let’s take a deeper look at some foods. Acidic fruits such as lemons or grapefruits actually have an alkalizing effect on the body (so does lemon water). So while they might make you want to pucker up, internally they’re doing plenty of good.

With that in mind, what makes a food alkaline forming? This response is triggered by a food’s calcium/magnesium/mineral ratio. Some foods that are fantastic at alkaline forming include carrots, artichokes, brussel sprouts, green beans, kale, peppers, and sweet potatoes. In fact, an “alkaline diet” is known to be largely vegetarian, since most fruits and vegetables are actually part of this grouping. (Meat is considered acidic.)

By now, you might be thinking, “Sure, but why bother?” As it turns out, keeping the body alkaline is key to good health. After all, when we’re born, we are at the most alkaline state of our lives. As we age and put more and more unhealthy things into our bodies, acid waste slowly but steadily builds up, contributing to the aging process. While scientists vary in their beliefs, many say that alkaline foods can help neutralize the amount of acid that can lead to inflammation and other chronic conditions. Some even go as far as to say that they can help prevent or fight cancer, heart disease, gout, and even acne. And remember, water has a slightly alkaline pH, so drink plenty of it! In the end, being healthily is what matters, and that means keeping chemicals out and nutrients in!

When it comes to living healthy, don’t stop at the food pyramid. Consider climbing aboard the alkaline diet and get your body to a better balance.

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