What is Biocompatibility Testing for Dental Materials?

Different people react to materials differently – much like people react to foods differently. The materials used in crowns and fillings are meant to last for many years in a dark, moist environment. Standard materials may work great, or you may react to one the way you would to a gluten sensitivity. However, it’s hard to recognize a dental material incompatibility, especially when symptoms are delayed or not visible in the mouth.

That’s where biocompatibility testing comes in.  To make sure the material lasts without causing you harm, we test our materials in relation to your unique body chemistry and ensure that a given dental material is compatible with your body.

Biocompatibility testing involves several steps. We give you a kit to take to your physician. A blood sample is taken and you send the sample in a pre-paid Fed-Ex envelope to Clifford Research Lab, where a skilled lab technician tests your blood for sensitivity to 15,000 dental materials. The test results are sent back to Wrigleyville Dental, and we will then know which brands of materials are safe with your DNA. Please note that Wrigleyville Dental does not administer the testing itself. We will give you the kit for testing, and we also interpret the results to create a restoration that works in harmony with your body.

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