What Is the Difference Between a Holistic Dentist and a Biological Dentist?

A biological dentist is a dentist who practices dentistry while understanding that what happens to the teeth and gums may have an impact on the rest of the body. Biological dentists believe that prevention is the best cure, that tooth decay can be cured or prevented with proper nutrition, and that we should use all dental materials with a healthy degree of skepticism. Biologic dentists believe that placing metal and/or other foreign materials in the teeth and gums may have unintended consequences. That’s why many biological dentists offer Clifford Biocompatibility Testing, or other biocompatibility tests, to make sure that the filling, crown, root canal, or other restoration doesn’t cause an adverse reaction on the rest of the body.

So, what’s the difference between a Holistic Dentist and a Biological Dentist? Honestly, there really isn’t one. The names came out of the various organizations that dentists started as alternatives to the American Dental Association and other mainstream, conventional, dental organizations. The Holistic Dental Association was founded in 1979 and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM) was founded six years later, in 1985. The Holistic Dental Association tends to be more open to spiritual healing and energy healing than the IABDM, and the IABDM is a larger organization. That said, many Holistic/Biological dentists belong to both organizations, and use the term holistic and biological interchangeably. Neither holistic nor biological dentists need a specialized education in order to call themselves holistic or biological (unlike specialties like periodontist or orthodontist, which do require additional study in dental school).

So, if you’re choosing between a holistic dentist and a biological dentist – have no fear! The two are the same.

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