Why Are My Teeth Sensitive And How Do I Heal Them?

Have you ever wondered why your teeth have all of a sudden become sensitive to cold beverages or even to touch (i.e. brushing)?

A lot of times, sensitivity comes from toothbrush abrasion, what is known to be the most common cause of root exposure. To scientifically describe the process of root sensitivity, it is from the disturbance of the fluid within the pores (or tubules) on the root of the tooth. As we brush hard, fast, and improperly, our gums will recede away from the neck of the tooth thereby exposing root surfaces. At your bi-annual checkup appointments, we make sure to document, inform, and make you aware of areas of recession. We have a few techniques and treatments to help desensitize your sensitive teeth.

So if you have sensitivity to cold and brushing, what are your options?

The most popular treatment in most dental offices would be to apply fluoride to coat and protect those open pores. But many holistic patients don’t want to use fluoride, so we offer several alternatives.

Our most popular technique is to apply Ozone gas. With just a little spray, we can plug up those tubules and relief is instantaneous. Ozone is an all natural antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral molecule that has a great success rate in our office. You can learn more about ozone therapy HERE.

Another fluoride-free remedy is MI paste, a “protein paste” that contains RECALDENT, a proven well­-formulated toothpaste to deliver calcium and phosphate minerals into the tooth.

Lastly and most important, modifying your toothbrush technique. The two techniques that prevent further recession are Fones and Roll­stroke brushing.

Here are some tutorials for proper brushing techniques

Fones Technique

Rollstroke Brushing


As your hygienist, I will make sure to make the best recommendation to help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Sensitivity is not just annoying, but it can signal that worse dental problems are coming. So if you want to avoid getting cavities or gum disease, it’s important to stop the sensitivity in its tracks.

Yours truly,


Eizen Centeno R.D.H

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