Why Patients Benefit From A Sopro Digital Camera

One of our major goals for last year was bringing an intraoral camera into the office. Well, our hard work paid off and many of you have already seen our state of the art Sopro Digital Camera! But don’t worry if it doesn’t quite look like any camera you’re used to. The Sopro camera is a small wand that we can actually put inside your mouth to give us a picture perfect view of your teeth gums, fillings, cracks, and anything else that cause you problems in the future.

So, how will this fantastic new addition change your next visit? Getting a clear image of what’s going on inside your mouth isn’t always easy, or comfortable for that matter. True, we can get a nice look at quite a bit using mirrors at all odd angles, x-rays, and pokey thingies, but they won’t catch the little stuff that will become big. Because of the size and configuration of the wand unit, it’s easier than ever to peek behind your smile. That means we can truly practice preventative dentistry (which in many ways is synonymous with holistic dentistry).

Since we’re taking pictures, we also get a much better record of how your mouth is changing throughout the years. We pride ourselves on our great memories, but sadly we can’t compete with the incredible accuracy of the Sopro! Our camera even has its own LED light source which means we can pick up nearly every detail of every inch of your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth.

With a larger image, it’s much easier to see small defects that are otherwise hard to get a visual on. This allows us to treat preventatively, before these early indications become much bigger and more painful problems. And, speaking of problems, our unit even has a cavity detection (caries cam) mode! Using a blue light, we can actually see cavities before they become visible on an x-ray or to the naked eye. Again, the earlier we catch it the better quality of care you’ll be getting.


The cherry on top is that you too get a chance to see what we see! So you can be informed about what’s going on in your mouth and understand why we do what we do. At your next appointment, ask to see our Sopro, we give free cavity checks with the caries camera feature. Ask about it the next time you’re here.

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