Is My Root-Canaled Tooth Dangerous to My Health?

Your overall health and well-being depends on how you take care of your body — and that includes your mouth. If gum disease and other dental problems can contribute to inflammation, chronic aches and pains, and heart disease, it would be wise to take better care of our teeth to avoid any issues that might cause bigger problems down the road.

Root canals are typically performed when a tooth is badly infected from a cavity or from trauma. A root canal is intended to save the tooth without extraction (the removal of a tooth). Although there are many advantages to having a root canal, new research is saying that teeth that have undergone the procedure become a source of chronic bacterial toxicity in the body. Since the nerve and blood supply are removed from the main tooth canals, there is limited access to microscopic side canals, where biotoxic film remains and are unable to be removed/cleaned by the root canal procedure. Infection can stay alive in these places, pumping toxins around the area and throughout your body. Infection can stay alive there, and the longer a necrotic (dead) tooth stays in the mouth, the greater the toxic buildup can become. This is one reason why many holistic dentists are not in favor of root canals.

If a dentist has recommended that you get a root canal, it may be a good idea to get a second opinion, especially if you already have a compromised immune system or a high toxic load. Many believe that a toxic tooth can contribute to many illnesses, including arthritis, reflux, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, cancer, and digestive. But, just because you have a root canal, doesn’t mean you have to remove it. There are many healthy individuals walking around with a mouthful of root canals. And there are also some that just have one root canal, and have a chronic illness. The ability of your body to accept and retain a root-canaled tooth is very individual. Most importantly, remember to maintain a healthy diet and detoxify your system regularly to avoid illness. And there are more “holistic” ways of doing root canals, such as placing ozone water, ozone gas, lasers, and special medication inside the canals. If you already have or need a root-canal and are experiencing health issues, sit down with your doctor and talk about your options.