Emergency Dental Care After Hours

We know dental emergencies are not limited to the hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. That’s why we provide our patients with our doctors’ personal phone numbers so that if you have a dental question or emergency, you can easily call or text for assistance. For our patients, it’s never too early or too late!

Stay Calm and Take Appropriate Action

No matter what the problem is, your first step is to take a few calming breaths and relax. Calming down and resisting the urge to panic will help you make better decisions in any emergency situation. Dislodged fillings, toothaches, or knocked-out teeth can be repaired or replaced in most cases if you are able to come in for help immediately. If it is a life-threatening emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room.

For non-life threatening emergencies, do the following to improve your chances of saving your teeth:

  • Keep knocked-out teeth moist and clean. Find the lost tooth, wash in warm tap water but be sure to leave any attached pieces of tissue intact. Don’t scrub the tooth. Place it in a jar of water or milk and bring it with you to your dental appointment.
  • Swish your mouth with warm salt water. If you have pain, take an appropriate dose of over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. 600mg of Ibuprofen usually works well for most dental pain.
  • Gently floss aching teeth and rinse with warm salt water to dislodge particles that may be causing discomfort.

If you have an emergency, make an appointment as soon as possible by calling 773-975-6666 or emailing us. The longer you wait with dental pain, the fewer options you have for repair.