Get Rid of the Amalgam

In the past, silver fillings were popular, and you might even have a few in your mouth. However, you probably aren’t aware that these fillings have a substantial amount of mercury in them (about 50%). The combination of metals (silver, mercury, copper, etc) is technically called an amalgam.

Wrigleyville Dental is your mercury-free dentist in Chicago. Not only are we one of the only offices certified in the SMART safe mercury amalgam removal protocol,  we also specialize in placing mercury-free, metal-free, and biocompatible fillings. We make sure our fillings are BPA Free and safe for you and your family.

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Why you need a SMART mercury amalgam removal protocol

As your area mercury-safe dentists, our professionals are trained by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in the correct SMART protocol for removing these fillings and replacing them with nontoxic, BPA free dental fillings.

Safe, mercury-free fillings

Whether you require replacement fillings after the safe removal of silver amalgam fillings or you have a new cavity that needs to be filled, our office only uses safe, mercury-free, tooth colored fillings. Our dentists work with every patient, and sometimes their other doctors, to come up with the best biocompatible restorations for his or her needs. We use metal-free composite resin fillings, and porcelain or zirconia crowns, so you can be sure that only safe materials are being placed in your mouth.

Wrigleyville Dental — Your Mercury-Free Dentist in Chicago

Wrigleyville Dental is one of the few holistic, biological mercury-safe dental offices Chicago has to offer. We’re proud to focus on holistic, integrative dentistry that offers patients a new standard of treatment. We understand the connection between your oral health and your overall systemic health. Furthermore, we take a whole-body approach to your oral health care — combining well-researched dental technology, techniques, and materials with compassion and the best interest for our patients to offer the finest in oral health care.

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