Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky

How I fell in to Biological Dentistry

At 16, I was looking for a job and a local dentist hired me to become a dental assistant. I was trained on the job and after several years, I was helping run the front office administration. I loved watching the multigenerational aspect of a medical office. There can be three generations of the same family, all being taken care of by 1 doctor. People would come stressed and in pain and would leave out of pain and be relieved. I decided that dentistry is my calling. After growing up in Chicago’s north suburbs, I went to Marquette University in Milwaukee for my undergraduate and dental school. I left dental school wanting more! I attended a hospital based residency program in Chicago. Working in a hospital setting, particularly in the emergency, operating rooms and Cook County Hospital, gave me great surgical experience with complex cases. It also taught me to be a partner with my fellow medical colleagues.

But midway through the program, I started to question why dentistry is so aggressive. Why can’t we conserve more tooth structure? Isn’t there a much more natural way to deal with certain conditions instead of surgery? “Googling” key words (albeit Google was just starting to be a thing), lead me to a Homeopathy in Dentistry course where I met several leaders in the holistic/biological dentistry world. When they told me about the *toxicity* of the materials we use in dentistry and the potential footprint we are making on the human body, I knew that I needed to learn more. I realized that dental school only gives us a foundation and our degrees give us the authorization to continue learning and taking classes with our medical colleagues. I attended over 1,000 continuing education hours in the following years learning about holistic, biological, integrative, biocompatible, mercury-free, non-toxic, homeopathic, biomimetic, alternative, (and whatever else you want to call it) dentistry. Ever since, I am adding more and more knowledge to my toolbelt.

I have realized that this type of dentistry is not revolutionary, but rather evolutionary. It just takes institutions too long to change their ways and thus schools are not teaching the most modern medicine. I like to consider myself as a forever student seeking to better the condition of every patient that I see. This requires an interdisciplinary approach to medicine, and dentists are a big part of the puzzle.
I am here to play my part and to help my patients improve their health by concentrating on their oral health.

A few personal things about me:

Becoming a wife and a mother of 2 girls has added a new level of understanding, education, compassion and life altering perspective. It has also taught me to be a better multi-tasker, to make better use of my time, to run on less sleep, pausing at the little sweet moments in life and so many other important lessons. I’m a big believer of using up our 168 hours a week wisely. And with time that I’m not seeing patients or managing the office, I currently I like to spend it with my family, listening to podcasts, having *me* time, going on hikes, and watching my kids’ excitement when learning and observing nature.


Academy of General Dentistry | Fellow
Holistic Dental Association | Current President
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) | Accredited and SMART certified
International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) | Certified
Biological Dentist and PROTECT Protocol Certified
American Dental Association | Member
Chicago Dental Society | Member
Illinois State Dental Society | Member

Dr. Anna Kolencherry

‘Dentist – Your Smile’s Architect’ – the sign on the door of my orthodontist’s office struck a chord with my curious mind as a child. As a 12 year old, I remember telling my orthodontist that I will, one day join his practice. As an adult I looked into what the profession actually meant. It encompassed everything I loved – art, science, leadership and the best of all, making relationships.

I attended The University of Illinois-Chicago, where I received my undergrad in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. Shortly after, I completed a Master’s in Biotechnology at Rush University, before returning to UIC College of Dentistry for my DMD degree. After graduation, I entered the private practice world and soon realized that learning about dentistry cannot end with the completion of my degree. I completed a mini residency in Implant Dentistry through American Academy of Implant Dentistry, which helped with a wide range of surgical procedures. I am also part of the Pankey Institute where we learned about how teeth come together (occlusion) and how muscles and joints need to be in harmony with each other to aid with daily functional habits. It was amazing how you can treat various head and neck aches with some minor manipulation in your bite – a process called equilibration. I was exposed to holistic dentistry for several years through my previous office. Achieving a SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certification through the IAOMT, helped further solidify my understanding of the role of dentistry in eliminating mercury toxicity.

I was born in Kerala, India, and spent most of my early years there, before relocating to the Chicago area. I was exposed to integrative medicine from a young age and preventive health was the focus of our lifestyle. I grew up with a jar of charcoal in our medicine cabinet that we used to brush our teeth when you need that extra brightness. The combination of turmeric and black pepper was part of every meal and home made herbal tea remedies followed any kind of bodily discomfort. My mother always had little nuggets of ancient wisdom on how to treat minor ailments from the common cold to minor scrapes. We would find the ingredients for them in our backyard garden. Even after moving to Chicago, our life revolved around nutrition, staying active, and getting a good night’s sleep. This experience made me realize that if I can add some of these ancient practices to western medicine, it may fill in some of the gaps we have in our education and help our journey in health and wellness.

Wrigleyville dental and holistic dentistry allows me to get to know my patients and their lifestyles, to cater dental treatment that fits in with their whole health plan. As a holistic dentist my goal is to provide patient centric treatment; assessing oral health, nutrition, sleep and other functional habits, thereby providing your body with everything it needs to function at its optimal level.

My husband and I live in the city with our dog Bentley. I practice hot yoga and love anything outdoors. We keep up with our friends and family often, and travel whenever possible. I collect some rare tropical plants, and caring for them gave me a sense of regiment this past year. Sometimes after a long day and want to unwind, a cup of tea and a book before bed does the trick for me. Just like many of my patients I am also on a quest to achieve
optimal health and continuously learn about holistic lifestyle and wellness.


International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
Academy of General Dentistry
American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)

Dr. Shivani Patel

I grew up in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago and went to Loyola University in Chicago (LUC) graduating with a degree in Biochemistry. While at LUC, I enrolled in nutrition classes in an effort to become a healthier version of myself. The classes opened my eyes as to what I was putting into my body. This changed the trajectory of my education. After receiving my degree in Biochemistry, I headed to a warmer climate to obtain my doctorate in dental medicine from Midwestern University in Arizona. Four years and a million memories later, I was ready to come back to Chicago to start practicing dentistry.

I began working at an office where I saw many children with uncontrolled decay. Seeing this truly broke my heart, as I understood this problem was only the tip of the iceberg. Being a conservative dentist, I began to carve out time to educate the children and their parents on the importance of diet. What fulfills me working in dentistry is knowing I have the power to help people with more than obtaining their perfect smile.

Continuous development and improvement of my knowledge and skills is incredibly important to me. Therefore, I have dedicated times throughout the year that I can learn how to further help my patients. My favorite continuing education classes to take are on implants, airway, TMJ, sleep, and both adult and early intervention orthodontics. I love being able to treat my patients in the most conservative, natural way that modern dentistry has to offer.
When I’m not helping my patients enhance their oral and total health, I spend time caring for myself. I like to stay active, read, spend time with my not so little puppy (Ask me to show you pictures!), and try new restaurants. I am always looking for new books and restaurants so if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears. I look forward to working with you on a healthier smile.


International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) | Affiliate and SMART certified
Academy of General Dentistry | Member
American Dental Association | Member
Chicago Dental Society | Member
Illinois State Dental Society | Member

Dr. Catherine Murphy

At fifteen years old, I started seeing the dramatic effect braces could have on a smile. It wasn’t my own smile I was noticing; it was the patients in my father’s orthodontic practice that I watched transform between appointments. (My braces started at age sixteen since I enjoyed early treatment and thus waited to perfect the smile until all permanent teeth were in place.) As a teen, I thought: If my dad can do this, I can too. My path to Wrigleyville has entailed the following highlights:

• Undergraduate work at Indiana University – Bloomington
• One semester at the University of Wollongong in Australia
• Summer of volunteer work in Kenya, Africa with the grassroots organization Outreach Kenya Development Volunteers educating the rural population on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
• Dental school at Indiana University.
• General dental private practice and clinical teaching for 2 years.
• Orthodontic residency – Indiana University

The summer of 2016 is what transformed my orthodontic practice from traditional to holistic. My son was born. Long story short, his mouth breathing was not a concern to any medical professional I spoke with until I met with a myofunctional therapist, Lisa Lahey. (For more details, check out my picture book, “Dear Momma…”) The battle to get to the root cause of his noisy breathing, struggle to nurse, terrible tummy time tears and more caused me to rethink my approach to health for my son and for my patients. It’s my hope to support all parents/caregivers and their children to seek answers to the WHY behind the symptoms. In my profession, I view crooked teeth as a symptom of an underlying cause. Orthodontics is rooted in growth and development and the treatment should be as well. When the original cause of misalignment is addressed, we optimize the child’s airway and breathing, which are crucial for wellness. Thus my approach includes the following:

Holistic – viewing your child’s oral health as part of their overall physical and mental health and vice versa.
Collaborative – working with other, necessary health care providers to address the underlying causes contributing to the bad bite/crooked teeth/etc
Compassionate – understanding that each patient and family has unique needs. Honoring where each patient/family is currently with their desire to seek holistic health and how far they would like to go to resolve underlying concerns.

Looking forward to being your holistic orthodontic health partner with you and our collaborative team.